Better Bahaviour Bootcamp is Coming Soon!! Are You Ready???!

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Welcome to the

Better Behaviour Bootcamp!


I am SO excited that you’re joining me in the Better Behaviour Bootcamp! This document will provide all the information you need to make the most of this unique program. There are a few things you’ll need to do in preparation. I estimate you’ll need 1.5 hours. At the end of this document you’ll see a to-do list. Let me know if you have any questions!

What you will learn during this program:

  • A developmental approach to treating autism (versus a behavioural approach). In essence, you will learn to shift your child’s behaviour in ways that will help him/her to think, rather than just “comply.” There’s nothing wrong with complying, but we want our kids to be able to think … and they CAN! (I’m going to show you how.)
  • How to identify and shift negative behaviour patterns between you and your child.
  • How ASD impacts information processing, and how to communicate so your child can process more of what you’re trying to convey. (Note: This will take practice, but not only will it minimize conflict, it will reduce your need to nag!)
  • How to minimize the duration and frequency of meltdowns.
  • How to use EFT or “tapping” to reduce your own fear/anxiety, and your child’s!
  • How YOU hold the key to positively impacting your child’s development, and by changing how you show up, your child’s behaviour will shift as well.
  • The number one reason you get pulled into power struggles and how to stop doing it!
  • How to praise your child to encourage more of what you want to see!

Throughout the program I will give you resources, exercises and/or homework to do which will deepen your learning. We will have a private FB group for communication in-between sessions. I’ll be inviting you to join the group this week. I’ll address your questions in our group within one business day and will post all resources and files there as well.

Our group: A safe, encouraging and confidential space.

It’s my job to create a safe, encouraging and confidential space for all of us. Please note that information shared must remain within the group. (Yup, just like in Vegas!) Each week we’ll have a new piece of learning, time for questions, and then we’ll wrap up with some tapping. If there are any BIG questions that we can’t get to during our call, I will arrange a time to have a zoom session with you, or I’ll address your question in our FB group. I want you to fully understand each of the concepts and strategies you learn, so be prepared to ask lots of questions. It goes without saying communication in our group must be respectful, and I ask that you refrain from giving advice unless it is specifically requested. I will be in the group daily!

I am fully committed to your success and will support you to the best of my ability. You will need to complete assignments and/or practice what you’ve learned with your child in-between sessions.  Remember, this is about you and your family. I encourage you to make this a priority, and to be on each call. It’s also critical that you are gentle with yourself… you will make mistakes! We all do… that’s how we learn. There are no mistakes you could make because of this program that could be harmful in any way to you or your child.

If there’s anything that you’re struggling with during the program, please don’t hesitate to speak to me privately. There’s likely nothing you could tell or ask me that I haven’t heard before, and I WANT and NEED to know how you’re doing in order for this program to help you and other Moms! All feedback is helpful and welcomed.

As you may have noticed, I am incredibly passionate about helping autism Moms feel more competent in managing difficult behaviour (and maximizing a child’s potential to connect with others and succeed in life). In fact, I want to make a BIG difference, and to change as many lives as possible. I want Moms to know that THEY HAVE POWER that they’ve been led to believe they don’t! I am planning to run more groups like this in the very near future. My goal is for you to be excited about what you’ve learned and be eager to provide positive feedback to other Moms who need and want support! There is a huge need for this.

Our Calls on Zoom: Free, reliable video conferencing.

Zoom is a very easy to use and reliable video conferencing software that is free for you. The first time you access our call you’ll need to download the software (just click on the link below). I recommend doing this before the start of the program. It’s a super-fast download. To access the first call, simply click on the same link a minute or two before our call begins and you’ll be directed to our private Zoom room. (Note: Please find a quiet place to access calls so you can be fully present, and so we’re not disrupted by background noise at your end. If there is background noise, please mute yourself by clicking on the microphone icon on the bottom left part of the Zoom screen.)

The link will be the same for each of our calls. I’ll also post it in our FB Group.

EFT/tapping: a tremendous tool to reduce stress!

EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques, also called “tapping”) is an easy-to-use and very effective tool to decrease anxiety, stress, and address other emotional challenges. It’s great for both parents and children. There is a mountain of research in support of EFT, and its effectiveness has been scientifically proven. Simply put, EFT looks very strange, but it works!

I am a Certified EFT Practitioner and Emotional Success Coach, certified by the National EFT Training Institute ( There are many ways tapping can be used. In our sessions, we’ll use it to reduce anxiety/stress/fear. Before we start tapping I’ll ask you for specific information … for example, where you “feel” your anxiety …. What are you anxious about specifically. The more specific we can be, the more effective it will be. I’ll be incorporating your specific comments into our tapping. I’ll ask you to rate your anxiety before we start, and at the end of our tapping, so you can see how your anxiety/stress/fear has shifted. We’ll be tapping in a group; I’ll be in the lead, and the group will follow along. We’ll tap for for roughly 10 minutes each session (depending on what the group wants), and you will see how well it works! I may schedule an extra session just for tapping if you’re interested. (If you wish to do additional private sessions with me, we can also make arrangements to do this).

Important: Before our first class please visit You’ll need to watch two videos: “What is Tapping?,” and “Introduction to the Tapping Points.” These two videos are 30 minutes long in total. There’s a ton of great information on this site if you want to dig deeper.

It’s likely that you will feel emotions moving through you as we tap. This is normal. If you feel overwhelmed, just stay with me and keep on tapping. I’ll help you through it, and it will pass. Tapping is very gentle and safe, and it’s important to allow yourself to feel your emotions. Releasing them will be helpful – particularly in our safe, supportive environment. (Please note that I’m sending a consent form which I’ll need you to fill out and return to me.)

The DISC assessment: Better self-awareness = More success!

As one of the bonuses in this program, I’m going to give you insight into your behavioural style. Why is this important? For many reasons… firstly, research has proven that self-awareness is important for success in all aspects of life. The more we know about ourselves and our style, the more we can capitalize on our strengths, and minimize our obstacles! Too many people live on “auto-pilot!” Being more self-aware opens the door to greater understanding of self-and-others … more self-compassion, and better relationships. We tend to think that everyone thinks the way we do, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth! Different behavioural styles are often the source of conflict between people. Typically, we have two dominant traits. Once you understand your style, you’ll have insight into why you like to do things a certain way, and why you respond the way you do under pressure. The DISC tells us how you respond to challenges, how you influence people, how you respond to change, and how you respond to rules and procedures.

It’s particularly useful to understand your style when it comes to parenting! Here are some insights into my style: I am a “go for it” person, who tackles problems head-on, loves to lead people, and gets s**t done! (My sister jokingly calls me Sue-Nami.) If I’m on “autopilot” and under pressure… and not aware of how I’m showing up, people may see me as “bossy” (or obsessed lol). I’m also a very outgoing person who needs lots of social interaction. I generally like to do things at a very fast pace, and I like it when people are direct with me. I’ve learned to adjust my behaviour a lot … and it has paid off, particularly with my kids (ASD son and daughter).

As a parent, once I learned about my style, everything made more sense to me. My kids (and… OK, my ASD husband) drive me nuts if they don’t go for it the way I would… follow through… or show up as personably as I would! If I expect them to think and act the way I would, not only is it unfair, but it will cause conflict! However, I can also use these aspects of my style as strengths. I’m awesome at connecting with people and advocating for my kids. I can come up with a “Plan B” in a flash, and I like to do things MY way. I do not like details or rules (Need evidence? I’ve had my car towed twice in one day… Shhh!!) Knowing your tendencies will be equally as helpful in interacting with your child and family, your child’s teacher, you name it!

So, I’d like you to go to the link below, and take the free DISC assessment. It will take about 20 mins. As soon as you’re finished, you’ll receive two very meaty pdf files. Please email them to me – no need to read them unless you want to!  In our FB group I’ll post the highlights of your style traits, how they will impact your behaviour as an individual and parent – what you need to watch for when you’re under pressure – and what you can capitalize on! I guarantee it will be very enlightening and useful information. Please send me the files at least a day or two before we start.

Booking your complimentary 1-on-1 Coaching session with me

As a Bonus for joining me in the Better Behaviour Bootcamp, you’ll have access to a one-hour coaching and/or EFT session. To book your session, click on the link below and choose a day/time that works. If need to have your session in the evening, let me know. I generally don’t work in the evenings but I’ll certainly accommodate.

Extra Sessions.

If you would like to book extra sessions, either during the program or after we’re finished, I’d be happy to provide extra support. Please let me know and we can discuss your needs.

Can’t wait to get started!

Your to-do list:

  • Download Zoom (super-fast)
  • Watch the videos at (30 mins + time you wish to spend)
  • DISC assessment (20 mins)
  • Tapping consent form to me (10 mins, will be an attachment with this email)
  • Book your session with me (5 mins)
  • Join our FB group once you receive an invite (through FB)

P.S. I’ll be inviting you to our FB Group at the start of next week!

Dates Will be Announced Very Soon Stay Tuned.


Brought to you by Sue Simmons,

Equinox Family Consulting Ltd.


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